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Is It Time To Raise Your Prices?

Are you braver than Amazon?

Amazon made news in April when the e-commerce giant announced plans to raise the price of its annual Prime membership to $119, up from $99. A $20 annual increase works out to less than $2 a month, which certainly isn’t much, especially when you consider that it Continue reading

Can You Answer These 10 Basic Money Questions?

April was Financial Literacy Month—which means 30 days dedicated to more financial literacy than most of us ever got growing up.

Only 17 states require that students take a personal finance course to graduate from high school, a number that’s barely budged in Continue reading

What to Do If You Are the Subject of a Tax Investigation?

Few things are quite as daunting as receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service informing you that you or your business is the subject of a tax investigation. Even if you’re convinced your tax returns are accurate and have been filed on time then the process can still be stressful, but if you have a suspicion there could be Continue reading

Business Insurance: The Safety Net Your Small Business Needs

Do you have insurance for your small business? If not, you’re not alone. Fewer than three in 10 small business owners in a recent survey by Manta and Insureon have a business owner’s policy, the basic business insurance that covers general liability insurance and commercial property insurance to protect you from Continue reading

Trim Small Business Expenses: 6 Things to Do This Week

As an entrepreneur, you know that launching a small business from square one is a daunting, years-long task.

“The entrepreneur who creates a mobile app that is wildly popular overnight [is] a miracle story, not a success story,” writes founder and CEO Wil Schroter. “Don’t ever use that as Continue reading

A Beginners Guide into How the Stock Exchange Works

What are stocks and why do they exist? Every day in the news we hear about the stock exchange, stocks, and money moving around the globe. Still, a lot of people have no idea why we have stock markets at all because the topic is usually very dry.

This is a short video about the basics of Continue reading

Differences Between the Habits of the Rich & the Poor

Here at Four Rivers Accounting we believe money is not inherently evil, but that greed certainly is. By no means are we posting this to look down on or ridicule those less fortunate, but simply pointing to some interesting information. Good habits are a great thing, and they will help much more than your wallet.

Tom Corley, on his Continue reading

How You Can Protect Yourself Against Data Breaches

In the world of data breaches, the Equifax breach is pretty bad. Hackers were able to gain access to social security numbers, names, birthdates, addresses and, in some cases, driver’s license and credit card numbers. So what can you do to protect yourself?

Here are some options to Continue reading

Create a LeanCanvas, the One Page Business Plan People Will Actually Read

I meet a lot of driven and intelligent entrepreneurs who have a dollar and a dream, but they give little consideration for how or why they should put their idea down on paper as a business plan. The truth is that many wouldn’t know where to begin, and that’s Continue reading

CNN Money: ‘These Books Could Be Game Changers for Your Money’

The crisp fall air may put you in mind of getting back to the budget after a summer slide. No better time to hit the books.

There is no end to niche money books out there specializing in everything from student debt to retirement saving to investing.

But for those who are hankering for a big picture view on your money, here are our picks for personal finance life changers: Continue reading

Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions Every Small Business Can Use

It’s not hard to catch a small business owner saying, “there has to be a better way to do this.” We’ve made it our purpose to figure out those better ways to do what you need to do daily.  Frankly, I feel like we have enough technology at our disposal to launch a rocket or two.  It’s all that stuff you know you probably need, but don’t know how to get started using.  We can help.  Here’s a walkthrough of  Continue reading