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9 Smart Bookkeeping Tips for Small Businesses

Are you a numbers person?

Some small business owners love going over their books — after all, it’s their personal scorecard of how well the business is doing. Others dread dealing with numbers or get so caught up in day-to-day operations that they neglect their bookkeeping. Whether you love it or hate it, good bookkeeping is Continue reading

New Tax Law Offers Many Perks for Self-Employed

The tax reform law overhauls the Internal Revenue Code and provides broad tax relief to workers, families and businesses of all sizes.  Beginning in Tax Year 2018, tax rates are lowered for individual and business taxpayers and various tax deductions and credits are changed up.  A typical family of four earning $73,000 a year could receive Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Fudging Your Taxes Is a Really, Really Bad Idea

From all-cash Christmas bonuses to cryptocurrency transactions, it can be tempting to omit hard-to-track income from your tax return (or to forget to include it). Plenty of people do: The IRS estimates the “tax gap” totals more than Continue reading

The Unexpected Cost of In-House Payroll

I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share these rather glaring statistics with you. If you started a small business because you needed somewhere to satisfy your itch to process a payroll, then by all means…enjoy.  If you started a small business because you’re passionate about something, and it happens to not be processing the payroll, Contact Us.

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Payroll Services

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Top 10 Signs You’ve Hired A Bad Accountant

Accounting Humor?? Is that an oxymoron? Well for a little Friday fun here’s the top 10 signs you’ve hired a bad accountant by David Letterman:

10. You hear him on the phone saying, “Have I ever let you down, Leona?”
9. Instead of IRS, sends your completed tax return to UPS
8. His “short form” looks suspiciously like a napkin
7. He lets you list your imaginary friend as dependent
6. Lists every time you laughed at Letterman as “charitable donation”
5. Used to be some kind of financial big-shot in Orange County
4. Announced he donated all your assets to O.J.’s defense fund
3. On the 1040, he lists your occupation as “sucker”
2. At least five times, he says “here’s a little trick I taught Darryl Strawberry.”
1. He makes you wear a hospital gown

For help from a team of GOOD accountants with payroll, bookkeeping, taxes, etc., etc., call Nathan @ 270.556.3687

Trust Above All Else

Greed Blog Article Photo

A few years ago I sat in a fancy board room surrounded by fellow salespeople as we patiently awaited the CEO of the award winning, highly ranked company that I had been working at for less than a year.  The type of company that has a trophy case filled with awards announcing incredible profits and a rise over whoever the competition was.

Every bit of performance seemed to be measured by either dollars or whatever activity it would take to get more of them.  That became rather obvious when the CEO finally walked in and began his motivational speech by simply asking for Continue reading

Throw Time-sheets Away, We Now Offer Automated Time Tracking

I know it can be a dirty word in the office of a small business owner, but let’s talk about PAYROLL.

Four Rivers Accounting is integrating automated time tracking systems that improve profitability and alleviate a whole lot of headaches.

Have a mobile workforce?  We’ve got an app for that.  In fact, if they don’t have a smart phone they can clock in via text message or even simply dial in.

If you’d like to see a demo of this, Contact Us.  For a full list of all our services Click Here.

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FRAS Info & Sample Report Packets

MKT packet pic

Another informational packet out the door to a curious and interested prospect.  They weren’t quite sure if they needed an analysis yet, but they also weren’t sure that they have the clearest picture of the business’ financial status.  Our info packets include a cover letter, a brochure about our business, and best of all a collection of example reports.  Each example report contains a description at the top to explain what it helps you understand better.  Hello financial clarity and peace of mind!!!

Fill out the form to your right if you would like to look at a packet for your small business, or call 270.556.3687 to schedule a free analysis.

Check out the importance of simplicity within business principles

The Power of Simplicity – “Be in. Be Real. Be Bold.”


I wanted to share this post as it just helped me remember what my attitude should be within the world of business.  There are some really great principles within it.  A lot of us are probably already aware of them already, but we need a reminder fairly regularly or we need to here them in a fresh context.

Written by Adam Bryant, a columnist with the New York Times – 

It is a key test for leaders: Can you take complex tasks – like working through countless variables for, say, your organization’s values or strategic goals – and distill them into a short list that everyone can remember? Continue reading

Accounting Changed College Basketball??


Let me be honest…as the marketing guy here with FRAS, I don’t like math, much less accounting.  However, David’s drum has a different beat and he can’t get enough of it.  I’ve tried to understand how this is even possible!!  I had concluded that he’s simply just weird, but I didn’t want to give up that easily.

So I searched far and wide for Continue reading